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Thumbs down EDIUS 8 Workgroup: Batch Export Not Functioning Properly

On a single timeline I created 6 different clips, defining each by IN/OUT marks. For each segment, I clicked F11, and clicked Add to Batch List. i did this for all 6 clips. For all clips I exported to the H.264/AVC codec. After all the clips were added to the Batch List, I clicked File|Export|Batch Export and clicked the EXPORT button. To my amazement, the export only took less than 5 seconds for all 6 clips. SOMETHING WAS WRONG. This should have taken 30 minutes or more.

I went back and examined the files and they were only 5-600 bytes and were unplayable.

Just for grins, I changed the export codec for each file and it worked as expected. It appears that the problem may be isolated to the H.264 codec.
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