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Hi Mark,

Double speed playback issue:
Make sure the broadcast format of the Composer project where you generate your ani in matches the GVD broadcast format at ani playback time.
E.g. if GVD is running 720p then make sure you generate your ani in a 720p project.

There indeed seems to be an issue with the ani generator in that it fails to encode the last two frames of your animation. We will try to resolve this in an upcoming version. In the meanwhile a workaround is to repeat the last frames 2 times. I managed to get the loop seamless in ntsc by repeating the last 2 fields 2 times. So, frame 38, frame 39, frame 40 (copy of 38), frame 41 (copy of 39), frame 42 (copy of 38), frame 43 (copy of 39). Likely this trick also works for 720p (didn't test this myself though).

Please let me know if this works for you.

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