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Originally Posted by ulyssesvideo View Post
if you buy a proper usb 4 ssd portable drive (not in a cradle) when available connected to a card designed for usb4 that connects directly into the motherboard... I think it will out perform your config....
at the end of the day.. its getting faster and better.... and your current setup in that video.. will be out of date.
yeah.. your right.... may not make ANY different in speed if you refer your video. your only right about that! ... but as video files get larger ie 6k or 8k etc... you will want a faster connection... and your config in that video may struggle a tad.

You questioned my comment when I said that USB 4 would make no difference what so ever to my drive example saying I need to read up on USB 4.

As I've just proven, USB 4 will indeed make no difference what so ever with regard my drive example and the use with Edius.

You were wrong and all you've done is proven your lack of understanding of such things.

Maybe you should think twice next time and just leave a thread for what it is, an example for other Edius users who have an interest in such things.

If you'd like to comment about the example itself and the obvious advantages to Edius users, fair enough.
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