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Originally Posted by Jeff View Post
Office has a sudden need for a an Edius 9 laptop to go to Italy for a trip. I have to have it in my hands by June 16th. IT already has a stock laptop pre-quoted and ready to go and I'm looking at specs and see.

Now Edius 9 needs.

I'm assuming that the laptop's sound card will suffice.
It's the video card that I'm worried about. From what I've gathered it's using the "Intel UHD Graphics 620" Which does not have any dedicated video memory but does have access to the system memory. "Due to its lack of dedicated graphics memory or eDRAM cache, the HD 620 has to access the main memory (2x 64bit DDR3/DDR4)."

So, am I good with the stock intergragted graphics that has access to the laptop's 8 gb of system ram or do I need to get IT to bump it up to the NVIDIAŽ GeForceŽ MX150 2 GB GDDR5 (optional), which may take much longer getting the laptop to me?

I NEED this by June 16th, and I think the stock laptop will be ready to go, I currently don't know the turn around on building a laptop with the Nvidia and I'm awaiting for someone to get around to responding to my "helpdesk ticket" that I put in last week.

Thanks for your help and feedback.
The intel GPU should be fine for mobile editing. Your CPU is an 8th gen CPU with the intergrated GPU. The Nvidia card would be better if you are using any software that requires an nvidia GPU for acceleration, but Edius does not use the GPU for much if you are only doing basic editing. Edius can use an intel GPU for h264/h265 encode/decode (required for h265 encode), it can use an nvidia or intel GPU for PCC acceleration, and any other third party plugins that can use it, like neatvideo, but if you notice I did say "can use" in almost all of these cases, as it can also do these functions with just the CPU.

I would however recommend more than 8GB of RAM. 16GB is a better amount for any system that is doing more than basic web surfing or word processing. By the time Windows, the intel GPU and Edius get through with their RAM usage, there won't be a lot left for anything else to use, and you would probably find the laptop running slow because it is doing a bit swapping to virtual memory (swapping to disk)

My other concerns with this laptop are:
the 1.6GHz CPU clock speed, (Faster would be better for sure, if you can get it) Edius does tend to work much better with higher clock speeds.

Windows 10 Home. - Win 10 Home uses a forced update policy. You may find the laptop forcing an update that can keep you from working for several minutes to several hours, depending on the update size, due to this policy. Windows 10 Pro or higher can turn off the forced updates.
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