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Default A tip for Edius 7 trial install error.

I have posted a link below that may help those with the error that is sometimes received when installing the Edius 7 trial. Another anomaly that I have noticed, is that the issue seems more susceptible to SSD's as opposed to mechanical drives.

Further to Adam's excellent workflow for drive preparation. I and others, still sometimes get the error. I usually use the trial to test system builds that I do for people who do DAW work. Simply because I know a number of test scenarios with E7 that allow me to gauge the strength of a new build.

For what ever reason, I sometimes run into the error issue, regardless of wether I use a new drive or an old drive. It may also be worth bearing in mind that using disk images etc. can further compound the issue. If Adams workflow does not work for you, you may want to give this option a try. The only draw back is that you will need another machine to prep the drive.

A couple of other things that may be worth watching out for. Make sure that after your windows install you have the hidden Windows 100meg partition, you can check this with, control panel - all control panel items - administrative tools - computer management - disk management. If you pre format your drive to one partition, and install Windows, which it will do. You will not get the extra 100meg partition, and although Windows will still work, Edius probably won't as it needs the Windows 100meg partition. If you use any imaging software, I use Ghost, you may need to do separate partition images. Although restoring images usually causes further head aches.

There are other workflows that can be found on the Net, but this option seems to be one of the easiest.

Further information: I forgot to say that I have only used Windows 7 with this, although I have a feeling that Windows 8 probably reacts in the same way with regard to drive preparation, partitioning and installation.
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