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Originally Posted by LittleMaster View Post
Hello edius forum.
Just started using Edius 6.09 and want your opinion on the fastest vs. smallest filesize encoder.
I don't know which you have, but on my list there is:
AVCHD, AVI, H.264/AVC, HDV, MediaEdge/HDMA-4000, MPEG, Quicktime, Windows Media, XDCAM, Audio and Others (DV stream & Still Image)

If it helps, I usually render to 1280x720 or larger, but never above 1920x1080.

Right now there are no plans to upgrade to 6.5.
That, unfortunately, depends. To make things worse - things like AVI or QuickTime, MXF, XDCAM are mere containers which support multiple codecs.
Most of the 'advanced' codecs - like h.264 (which is also used in AVCHD and, at least in a somewhat castrated variant in Windows Media VC-1) - tend to produce good video quality using less bandwidth but need more processing power (=time) to achieve that.
You get a good quality/processing time ratio using one of GV own codecs like HQ or HQX or DNxHD in a QuickTime file (you have to download the codec from AVID's site, it's free of charge). Of course, "smallest filesize" depends on what you compare it to.
An uncompressed AVI is about 1.25 GBit/s, so a 10 second clip is about 1,4 GB. HQX, to my experience, maxes out at roughly 180 MBits/s, reducing the size to less than 1/7th of its uncompressed size. A h.264-encoded files suitable for broadcast is about 50 MBit/s, a mere 4 % of its original size. For reference: a Blu-Ray discs video stream is 40 MB/s max.
Summing it up: for daily use I'd recommend HQ/HQX; Grass Valley's own codec is, not surprisingly, very fast. For h.264 I think you'd have to run your own tests regarding encoding speed on your machine at different bitrates.

Well, I don't suppose thats going to help much, does it? Sorry ;)
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