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Originally Posted by ulyssesvideo View Post
if you buy a proper usb 4 ssd portable drive (not in a cradle) when available connected into a card designed for usb4 that connects directly into the motherboard... I think it will out perform your config....
at the end of the day.. its getting faster and better.... and your current setup in that video.. will be out of date.
yeah.. your right.... may not make ANY different in speed if you refer your video... but as video files get larger ie 6k or 8k etc... you will want a faster connection... yours wont cut it that well.

It will only perform better if the actual drive in the housing can provide the bandwidth.

Regardless of the 40Gb/s theoretical limit of the bus, unless the bus can be saturated by the device, you are not running at the maximum speed of the bus.

If the bus is faster than a single device, splitting the bandwidth across multiple devices can allow for bus saturation (ie. RAID-0 configuration with drives)

You have to remember, "a chain is only as strong as it's weakest link" In this case the single SSD speed is the weakest link. To saturate 40Gb/s you would need a much faster drive than is currently available, or an array of multiple drives.
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