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Yes I use DVD-5 for a number of reasons, AC3 audio and fill disc to about the 4G mark whatever data rate that happens to result in.

Local duplication house will not use DVD-9 as to them they are not reliable enough. My own tests also show less compatibility and though I only make a few discs I do not want the issues. The content is really important and I would be the first to say that these data rates would not be good enough for normal outside content with grass blowing in the wind or leaves on trees blowing etc. But for my content only the actors move, likely 60% or more of the image is stationary with little detail. Biggest data rates occur on camera changes where the whole frame changes or where stage goes from black to lights up. Shooting/editing style tries to maintain this low camera motion. One close up camera, one mid camera one full stage and one camera fixed on main active area of stage mid zoom advice from director. This way I can switch between cameras where there is no zooming or panning taking place in the shot ( film style, back to my film club days shooting theatre in the mid 1960's where our cameras could only shoot for max a couple of mins before winding up again or change film pack!!!). It works very well at these low data rates and there is little improvement at higher data rates that is obviously visible. The Bluray version is clearly cleaner and sharper as expected but from an upscaling player to an interpolating display there is not a startling difference.

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