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If your output device (Xbox?) is playing a 480p output, your TV is the one that's upscaling. Not all TV's have good upscalers. An upconverting DVD player with an HDMI output would be a good bet for you...

I have a 32" LCD connected to my Media Center PC (Vista Home Premium) and all my DVD's look sweet on it. The computer (via nVidia PureVideo) is the one upscaling the MPEG2 video so DVD's look really good.

Like Brandon said, it's always best to have your TV display at it's native resolution, and in my case it is 1360x768 (Connected via VGA...inputs from HDMI & Component are displayed at 1366x768, so a 6 pixel difference). I connected a Sony DVD player via Component and it looks disgusting on my HDTV (ViewSonic).
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