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Default Procoder 3 rendering times

This is a very nice new forum and I don't like making my first post here a somewhat negative one but here goes. I eagerly anticipated the arrival of Procoder 3 - especially the feature of grid encoding since I had nearly 20 hours of video projects (saved as .m2t files) from the last 2 1/2 years to reencode to blu-ray legal files (.m2v - elementary stream). I used settings of 1920 X 1080, VBR, 2 pass, highest quality and was horrifed when a 69 minute video took 9 hours to reencode on a top-of- the-line Guy Graphics workstation (dual core, dual xeon 3.0 with 4 GB RAM and 3 TB video drives in RAID 0 configuration). The exact same file using Sorenson Squeeze v. 4.5 took 4 hours and the quality was quite comparable. Apparently the "grid encoding" only refers to .m2t or .m2p files like the old "Speed Encoder for HDV". Apparently for other files Procoder 3 does not utilize multiple cores as my workstation only showed 25-50% usage while showing 60 - 90% CPU usage with Sorenson. Has anyone else had the same experience?
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