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Originally Posted by Claire View Post
Hi, I am using Edius 8.53.3262 and am wondering why my 50p H.265/HEVC encoded movies are not accepted by Edius? I make them from HQX avi files exported from Edius and fed into Video Mastering Works 6, using a standard template.

The 50p HEVC files play fine from a portable USB hard drive connected to my 65" LG OLED 8 series tv, but only my 24p HEVC movies are accepted by Edius.

Could this be a limitation of the Edius HEVC decoder in Edius 8.5? If so, perhaps Edius 9 would play them?
Hi Claire.

Although I can't give you an answer, I can confirm that I've had similar, and worse, results using the same version of Edius.

Not that it's an option for certain instances of native acquisition or certain target outputs. But I've held off from using h.265/HEVC as a regular codec option for acquisition and delivery and stay with h.264, which can still be slightly problematic with E8.5

If HEVC is at all avoidable, then h.264 will give the same comparative visual results, all be it at higher bitrates. Although working at 10 Bit will present issues with h.264

I'd guess that E9 would/should be better but don't use it myself, so couldn't say for sure. Maybe someone on 9 could help you with that.

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