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I am very interested in the new Canon XF-705. Uniquely, it shoots UHD, 50p, 4:2:2, 10-bit, HLG, Canon Log-3 in H.265 to SD cards. This is possible because H.265 files are 50% smaller than H.264. So the data-rate is more manageable for SD. If I buy this camcorder I would obviously like EDIUS to handle the video natively. My tests of UHD H.265 with a demo version of EDIUS Workgroup v9 shows that it plays fine - but it is not very usable for editing on my current Win7 computer.

At the end of the day, for UHD H.265, it all comes down to processing power. Video editing has always been expanding the envelope of technological advancement. As I said, my computer is a few months over 3 years old. I built it myself from affordable hand-picked components. The computer Passmark Rating (using downloadable test software from for Motherboard, CPU, RAM, Graphics, Drives is...


Passmark state that as of 19th July 2018....
The bottom 25% of machines are in the range of 0-1260
The middle 50% of machines are in the range of 1260-3500
The top 25% of machines are in the range of 3500-6800
A tiny percentage are even higher.

So, in my opinion, there is still some life in my 3-year-old PC. Which is why I am reluctant to upgrade just yet. For me, native UHD H.265 editing will not be possible for the time being. Right now, proxies will do just fine. In a year or 18 months I will upgrade to something better - with greater processing power. At the moment a Ryzen Threadripper 2 looks very attractive and SSD prices continue to drop. Soon, for everyone, the 4K editing experience will feel the same as HD. In fact 4K will become normal as we move towards 8K and the huge processing power it will demand.
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