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I am having difficulty in timeline playback of UHD P4P drone mp4 100Mbps clips even without any filters and at 1/2 resolution. I have tried using an HD project but still slow playback, in 1 minute time only 43secs is played by Edius 8.53 WG. I do not have any problems editing UHD GH4 and Sony FS7 clips etc. My P4P clips with colour correction applied play back without any problems in Resolve (and other media players) so assume this is a known problem with E8 as discussed in previous posts. I have checked my system settings as mention in earlier posts in this thread.

The drone clips are being intercut with other UHD ground based clips in an Rec709 UHD project so would prefer using Edius to keep things simple. Presently I am using Resolve which I normally only use for UHD HDR10 projects without any problems so cannot understand why Edius is having problems.

My system is an i9-7900x OC, 32GB Ram, GTX1080Ti 11GB with Win 10 pro and Edius 8.53 WG etc

Has any changes/improvements been made in Edius 9 so that native UHD P4P MP4 clips can now be played back in real time and edited without using proxy mode or conversion to HQX avi files?

thanks Peter
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