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Default Chroma keyers

Hi All,

I just re-installed my green screen and did some test shots with it.
It was good, but I do not have any other available to EDIUS plug-ins for chroma keying, and was wandering how good are they?
Is one really better than the other, or is it just a case of one knowing the software to be able to get the right results from it.

I thought, that if I post a good green screen file so others could give it their best shot, it would be a good exercise and interesting discussion.

For those that are interested, I propose to take a still shot just out your window and chroma key it as a background with my footage.
I would love to see results from as many locations as possible. Also, tell us what plug-in you were using and if there was anything special you had to do.
I am sure everyone will find it interesting.

Here are single frames from each take: Tiff1 and Tiff2 (each frame is 19MB, tiff, 16bits) if you want to work with stills.
Or here is 20 seconds of Canopus HQX encoded mov (183MB, 422) ready for you to just add the water…, I mean background ;)
And here is my attempt at it, with background from Vancouver, BC rwt1 (37MB, mp4) using stock EDIUS chroma keyer.

You can use the tiffs to create a picture to share it back with us or use the video if you have a way to post it back for everyone to see.

BTW: I am not concerned about matching the colors (so it looks like it belongs there, that’s color matching), I am looking for edges, transparences, spills, etc.
For instance, in my test: I am having difficulty removing the green tinge from tips of her heir.

I hope to see few different plugins here.
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