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Originally Posted by Jerry View Post
We are talking about the mpeg 2 plugin for edius 6.5, not an earlier version. So, down scaling is handled by Edius and then the layouter adjustment is used to correct the aspect before export with the mpeg2 plugin. I don't doubt that the full version of TMPGE 5, which I own, will do a better job. But, if you are after a quick dual pass option....this might work for you. The fact that it will make the FCB somewhat useful again, for card owners, is a good thing.
The value for me in using the FCB when I had it installed was for h264 encode and for that I can see a value in the plugin for someone who still has FCB installed.

I accept that the post is about the plugin with 6.5 using FCB. However, since the plugin is available for many version of Edius I expect that the plugin works the same way on all versions so its base functions will be common. I do not use 6.5 so can only check on 6.07 and 5.5 neither of these use the Lanczos improvement to the layouter. So are totally dependent on the plugin for scaling, which has the bars on scaling. If you are going to use Edius 6.5 to scale and have a short program one may as well use Edius to encode and then there is no need for the plugin at all for SD output for DVD. I was pointing out that simplistic use of the plugin does not give the desired output. As you have described it requires an Edius workaround to remove the black bars. Simply selecting export from a 1920x1080 project to SD DVD compliant MPEG2 files using the plugin will give black bars.

MPEG2HD encodes from Edius were always fast enough for me. It was just for longer Bluray programs I went to h264 and once I upgraded to my present computer have now moved to using the Quicksync output all the time as it is fast and compliant. The latest PC's using Sandy Bridge or Ivy Bridge processors are faster than FCB for all encode types which is why my FCB is in its box on the shelf.

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