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Mark's original reply is correct, your source field order (input) doesn't need to match the ultimate output (target). With the case of mpeg2 output for dvd creation, you actually do want it to be UFF(I'll get to that later).

The confusion comes from the fact that Procoder actually allows you to tweak a lot of settings--including setting the input field order and output field order. Many encoders don't allow you to do either, and some allow you access to the input field order, with even fewer giving you the ability to tweak output settings. The critical issue here is the INPUT setting--it must match the source material, or you will have poor results. Procoder generally does a good job of selecting the proper input field order for you (and in the case of DV material, it should be LFF). If for some reason Procoder doesn't do that for you (with whatever source type you are using), you can override it with your own setting. For the most part, this is something you shouldn't touch.

Output field order is completely separate from the above. Procoder will make the necessary changes for you with the encode. With mpeg2 for dvd output (standard definition dvd), you do want UFF, and that's why it's the default setting. There are still set top players that will only accept UFF mpeg 2 files for playback (although with time that number is shrinking). LFF encoded mpeg2 files run the risk of not playing properly, or not at all. Again, the number of set top players that can't handle LFF is probably pretty small; but never the less, UFF is more broadly accepted.

Can you override PC 3's choice of UFF? Sure, through the generic mpeg setting. Would I recommend doing that--no.


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