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Default Video Training question

Dear GrassValley,
From my point of view, you failed, trying to provide training videos for current Edius 4.5x- 4.6x version. You made some videos only about basics, which brings a lot of simple questions from users. Good training may be heplfull to them, it may answer their questions- I am talking about editing strategy, tips and tricks, working with effects, transitions, PIP, 3D PIP, exporting, working with another software, such as AfterEffects etc.
There is plenty of time for you before new version of Edius will come (when you said about 2-nd halth of the year, I understood it as the end of december), are you going to prepare some training for it? Will it be REAL training this time? Are you going to ask Edius users what they will like to see in it before you make those videos ?
Thank you
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