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Originally Posted by SoundFreak_HD View Post
I agree with you Dave, I can't afford the larger Genelecs either :)

Indeed, in a perfect world you should listen to a variety of speakers as the target audience, your client, most likely will have sub par speakers, but if the editor (engineer) has a wrong set to begin with the end product quality will have to fully rely on luck, and that should never be the case...
My present Genelecs are not that big either. 7 inches high, 4.2 inches wide and 4 inches deep. Oh I forgot about the subwoofer :-). I liked the Genelecs because it is the most neutral sounding speakers I can find. No added colours to the sound.

I have 4 clients who are on the opposite end - they have one Class A amplifier for each channel, and $50,000 speakers in their living rooms - ahem. I always shiver when I deliver their videos - because I would wonder what sounds their systems would show up - which I can't hear in my audio monitors :-( !!!!
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