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Question HD downconvert to SD with denoise

I was using EDIUS 6 before 2016, since EDIUS 6 convert from HD to SD quality was very poor, I use VirtualDub process found in forum, and get nice
SD clips.

With Virtualdub conversion, first apply resize, then denoise, will be way faster than denoise first/resize second. I think resize process reduce the amount of pixels , thus denoise process way less data, faster.

My EDIUS upgrade to 8 PRO in 2016, since the HD to SD downconvert quality was improved a lot, so I stop using VirtualDub.

With EDIUS 8 PRO, HD 1920*1080 project, print to file directly with 720*480 MPEG2 format, can get OK clip for DVD authoring, and very fast.

these days I start using Neat Video Pro plugin to denoise, but it takes a lot of time. Here's my test:

2hour HD clip

Method 1:
EDIUS HD project, apply Neat Video filter, print to SD mepg2 format
, need 10 hours.

Method 2:
EDIUS HD project, print to HD.avi(canopus HQ codec) format
open new EDIUIS SD project, import HD.avi, print to SD.avi(canopus HQ codec)
import SD.avi, apply Neat Video filter, print to SD mepg2 format, need 2 hours.

I think there's something like Virtualdub's filter order, affect the data amount processed by denoise filter.

Is there any way in EDIUS, in one project, can directly resize and then apply Neat Video filter, with the same conversion time like my Method 2, but without generating HD.avi and SD.avi?
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