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Default Spurs Engine TVMW5 Encore Presets (level 4.1)

I have some presets on Level 4.1 H.264 that I have made with success. (L 4.1 means higher bitrate than previous maximum of 24Mbs)

I have only tested the 50i and the 23.976P presets with a run time of half hour. All work in Adobe Encore CS5 without re-encoding and built to image. The 60i ones shouls also work, let us know if not. Haven't done 720P yet.
Also tested with DVD architect 5.02 (fine)

Note: Not tested in any other version of Encore than CS5. It also takes some time to import (like normal). Not tested with TMP 4 xpress, this is version 5 presets.
Note: May not 100% fully BD compliant because does not work in DVDit PRO HD.
Note: These are all CBR - You may change to VBR, just make the maximum bitrate within 1.5x of the average bitrate.

Let me know how you go.

Footnote: I was told by Grass Valley (some time ago) that the FireCoder Blu was not even capable of doing Level 4.1 H.264 because of Toshiba's implementation. I guess that was smoke and mirrors to get me of their back!! When will Grass Valley take responsibility for this product and give us some proper software integration.
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