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My GPUfx also disappeared from the effects pallette some time ago (I now believe it was when I disabled QS in Aug). I seldom use them but when I was looking for one, noticed they were gone. You'll see in the screenshot below, there is no GPUfx heading under 'Effects'. I tried to follow the advice in the previous posts but returning effects pallette to default only seems to collapse all folders, with all the same folders still there after expanding them. My GT640 does appear under 'colour correction' in system settings, so would imagine the driver is loaded. I can't read the German forum, so not sure what solution was posted there. Maybe it is the 'deleting / renaming ''Grass Valley'' folder in \AppData\....'. Would rather not do this yet, in case there is another way or it doesn't solve the problem

The GPUfx does appear when I connect a monitor to the intel GPU to enable quicksync, but then the random 'errant' frames appear on my mpeg exports

and also sometimes while previewing the timeline. Would rather not have to plug/unplug a monitor in whenever I want a GPUfx! They were there before I started using QS a couple of years ago and E6.08 (on another PC) still shows GPUfx and it uses the GT620 and no QS.

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