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Default AAF use in real life??

Hey everyone,

i was very excited when i read about the upcoming AAF import/export in Edius from version 4.5.

I havent had much opportunities to test it, as i mostly work with P2-footage, and AE simply doesnt support it natively as Edius does..!

But i did some tests, and i didnt really look like it really least the way i thought it would work..!
(i had audio files doubled for example, half of them were empty..!)

I couldnt really open the files in AE then, and it did export all the files somehow, one video-file in the end, for the whole timeline i had in Edius.

I will do some more extended tests, but id be interested to hear from people if and how it works/changes the workflow..!?

I thought it would work the way, that the AAF-file is a kind of extended EDL that keeps just the links to the original files, so you can access them in a different programm (like AE), without getting any extra files (audio or video) and gives you also the opportunity to change the in and outs, as the route is still set to the original file..but maybe i am wrong...any ideas here?
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