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Hi Rick.

If you follow these steps you’ll be good.

1. Make a disk image of your present system drive.

2. Deactivate Edius 9 and 8 if it’s still on your system.

3. Disconnect your striped drives.

4. Install Win10 to your system drive, the installer will allow you to reformat and wipe your Win7 install.

5. Activate Win10.

6. Let Win10 go online and fully update itself.

7. Install any GPU specific drivers and any MB drivers that Win10 missed.

8. Optimise your Win10 environment, if that’s what you’d normally do.

9. Install the BM driver, I’m using the latest without any issues.

10. Reconnect your striped drive set. You may have to re-active the set.

11. Make a disk image at this point.

12. Install and activate Edius 9, and only Edius 9.

13. Make another disk image.

Once you’re satisfied that your system and Edius 9 is all good, no crashes and editing is as expected, start incrementally adding any another crucial production software. I’d strongly recommend not adding anything other than software that’s crucial to production work, no productivity stuff etc. Once you’re happy with the setup with only the crucial stuff on it, image the system drive and maybe start adding any less than crucial software.

If at any stage something doesn’t work as expected, just go back to the previous image and carry on from there.

I’d recommend Macrium Reflect for the image stuff, check my tutorials on how to use Reflect.

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