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Thanks Jerry,

My needs are very modest, at this time I'm not doing much above full HD (source files). It's legal stuff (talking heads) and most of it ends up exported to 720P, some 1080.

I've had it at 4.6 GHz and got a couple of BSODs, both of them while rendering. So I dialed it back to 4.5 GHz and moved the voltage up to 1.3 volts. No water cooler either, just a huge "Be quiet" radiator with a 15 (?) cm fan.

The CPU goes up now to 80 degrees Celsius while exporting, whereas before it was only going to 70 - so I was thinking maybe the voltage was too low, hence the crashes.

Please let me know if I'm misinterpreting something here... this is my first overclocked CPU. I'm using the BIOS to set both frequency and voltage, and the MOBO is the Asus Z97, have 32 GB of RAM and the GPU is the new GEForce GTX 1660. Using the TMPEG Edius plugins - with 1080i source files exporting to 720P is going at 5-6 times real time, I'm very happy with the performance... just want to make sure I'm not messing something up...

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