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Default .ani questions regarding seamless looping

Hello all,

My goal is to create an animation inside of after effects that I can seamlessly loop on the Director to use as a background. My process:

1. Exported the animation from After Effects as 32bit targa image sequence.
2. Generate the .ani file from inside of composer.
3. Place .ani file in a template.
4. 'Disable out point' on the ani track
5. in the Object properties, check 'Loop' and uncheck 'Auto-Stop at Out Point'

The animation loops, however there is a noticeable jump at the first frame of the loop. It almost seems like the first frame is being skipped. This is noticeable in both try-out mode and live from the actual director.

The project format is 1080 59.94, interlaced, and the framerate is 29.97.

I have exported various versions of the tga sequence from After Effects, including versions with duplicated frames (so that once the ani is generated, field 1 and 2 are of the same frame), versions that start at frame _0001 not _0000, etc.

Perhaps I am just assuming wrongly that the director is capable of looping seamlessly, or perhaps I am doing something wrong when setting up the template.

One other random question/issue that I've had with regard to the ani files:
The first time I attempted to generate one, it gave me a message saying that the resolution had to be in multiples of 16. The animation's resolution was 1920x1080 (NOT divisible by 16), so I hit cancel and generated a new animation from after effects that was 1920x1088 (which IS divisible by 16). I tried to generate the ani file and it seemed to work fine. I was able to play it and see it in try-out mode. However, once I packed it and brought it into the director, the animation would show up as black. The only way I can get ani's to work in the director is to create my animations in a resolution that is NOT divisible by 16, and have composer conform it. This doesn't make sense, but it works. This seems like a bug....but I'm not sure.

I am working off of composer version 1.7.3. I have attached one of my test animations (.ani) that clearly shows the jump at the loop point.

Any help on this topic would be greatly appreciated!
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