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As far as i know Al it shouild still work as standalone you only loose its benefit from within Edius
Just Downloaded AVCHD2Q and FCB is greyed out so i will check settings if i dont come back to you its not good news
For some reason my FCB is not being seen i will try and re seat
Update 3
After removing FCB and cleaning and re seating i can report that in E6.51 FCB is greyed out and doesnt function for me
can anyone else check it out
On my 6.07 caddy it works
so i cant at present say whether its something on my 6.5 system which prevents FCB being seen or not but the MHX-C! is not present under Sound Video Game controllers in 6.5
System Asus WS Z390 Pro MB, CPU i9 9900K, 32gb 3000mhz Ram, EVGA GTX1070TI, BM IP4K
Plugins Vistitle 2.8, TP6, NB TFX5
Monitors Samsung 32inch tv as main 1 LG M2350D,1 D2343 1 DM2350D as output to (3D) IP4K, PXW X70

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