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I just realize my camera doesn't do 4K 50p 10bit 4:2:2, "only" 4K 25p 10bit 4:2:2 so that will have to do, will test when I can.

Personally I never use 10bit codecs but do shoot 4K 8 bit on all my camera's, either 25p or 50p and those codecs my current system handles fine in a multicam setting. When I used edius 8 I felt I wasted all that money on a machine that couldn't handle a fast 4K output which is crucial for my workflow and while I was searching the internet for solutions I came across a lot of premiere users that got the 1950x complaining they got even worse performance then their old machine, reason was that premiere didn't use all those cores efficiently at all.

But then I came across this guys channel: where he tested the 1950x against intel processors and he found out that edius 9 did use all 1950x cores a lot more efficient in 4K output and that's when I decided to get edius 9.

When it comes to handling 10 bit codecs on a multicam setting I don't expect that good performance because the big difference in corespeed compared to intel processors, I have overclocked mine to 3750mhz which was a 10% overclock but a processor like a the i9 7900x can go much higher then that which should result in a better time playback.
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