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Unless your VCR has component video outputs or balanced audio outputs, the quality will be the same.

One advantage of the ADVC500 over the ADVC110 is that it has level meters and analog gain controls for the audio input, meaning that you'll be able to adjust your audio gain in the analog realm.

ADVC110's advantages over the ADVC500 are capability to be powered by Firewire bus (no AC adapter needed), audio-only capture capability, and compact size.

Archive-wise, it really depends. If you're going to output to something better than DVD later, DV is still better to archive. If you're archiving directly to DVD, then you might want to consider an analog-to-MPEG direct capture. It'll be more difficult and lossy on the editing side, but if you're not editing then you avoid the DV encode/decode step.

A better MPEG encoder like ProCoder will likely improve your DVD quality, assuming the DV capture looks better than the resulting DVD MPEG.
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