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Originally Posted by GrassValley_BH View Post
The MPEG-2 display properties do not necessarily have to match the encoded data.

Case-in-point, Hollywood DVDs will also report 29.97i because DVD spec requires interlaced MPEG. However, the encoded data is usually 23.976p with repeat flags such that the decoder can output for interlaced playback, or ignore the repeat flags and output the true encoded 23.976p

Maintains compatibility while increasing encoding efficiency (since redundant fields/frames are not encoded).
Exactly, and that's exactly what I want when taking my 1080 24p (23.98p) project to SD DVD. And that's exactly what I get when I use "pulldown.exe" on my 24p mpeg2 file.

However, what I am wanting to know is if Edius's (V 6.06) option to add the 2:3 pulldown is THIS SAME METHOD (i.e. just repeat flags) or not? If it is, I can skip the "pulldown.exe" conversion step altogether.

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