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It's unusual that your ADVC-55 doesn't like your Hi8 tapes, which are normally good quality as far as sync goes. Are you sure you have the DIP settings correct (#1 on and #2 off for PAL)? Or it could be that your Hi8 camera needs an alignment adjustment. Digital converters are less forgiving than analog TVs of video which has marginal sync. I found with my old Video8 camera that my ADVC-300 was losing sync and I ended up pulling the camera apart and adjusting the alignment (it is a mechanical adjustment) and have had no problems since.

The ADVC-300 has only a Line Time Base Corrector, that is it does not do full frame sync correction, only line sync correction. So you are better off with a full TBC with either converter.

If your Hi8 player has S-video output, then the 3D Y/C (or lack of it on PAL) does not matter, since S-video already has Y and C separated. According to the web page, the ADVC-300 doesn't do 3D noise reduction in PAL, but I have found that enabling it in PAL does seem to make a difference (to my eye) on grainy videos (e.g. those filmed in low light), so now I'm not so sure.

There are many other filters and adjustments available on the ADVC-300. I posted a list of settings here: showpost.php?p=29923. You can also see some samples of filtering done by the ADVC-300 on this forum.

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