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Originally Posted by GrassValley_PS View Post
I hope that question is rhetorical. Go to Settings-System Settings-Importer/Exporter-Quicktime and check Quicktime box
I did that yesterday after I searched the forum. It didn't help.
Is there a way to roll back to the previous version before the update? I spent 5 hours last night converting all my mov files into avi files so I can work with them today. I cant do this on every project. My camera one files from my C100 mkII (.mts) play flawlessly. But my camera two files from my Canon 6D (.mov) studder. I've never had this problem before with these files. I even pulled up an old project from last year and tried to play an mov file that was in it. It studdered as well. It didn't studder when I did the original project. They play for about 2 seconds fine and then can't keep up.
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