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Default Edius Playout Card

My work involves producing files for digital delivery (I don't need to capture from cameras as my work is rendered 3D animations). My current Edius6 workstation runs NX+expansion.

I am building a new workstation and will be upgrading to Edius7.5. I preview on a 52" HDTV with component and HDMI in (I use component at the moment). This new workstation will have an external RAID5 for clips which connects via USB3 or ESATA connection (the new workstation does not currently have an ESATA connection... the notebook workstation does).

I have not been keeping up with all the various changes with GV video cards. I am looking to put a card into the workstation for previewing Edius timeline and would like to be able to do 10bit HD1080p.

It seems the BM products (Shuttle for USB3) may be the best way to go. Does this card/box work well with Edius? If the RAID5 is on the USB3 will that affect the BM Shuttle working properly?

Thanks for any ideas!

Mike Truly
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