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Default UPDATED: Unofficial MPEG-2 and H.264 Blu-ray presets for ProCoder 3.06

Please note the following when using these presets.

1) Please first remove all previous presets downloaded from here. You can do this from the GUI or browse to presets folder. Please also delete all previous sub folders for the presets so you don't get confused.
2) These preset files must be placed in the following location. (1) windows XP - C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Grass Valley\ProCoder 3\User Presets...... and (2) Windows Vista - C:\ProgramData\GrassValley\ProCoder3\UserPresets.. may need to change folder options to view the path.
3) AVC is not available in ProCoder2 so you need ProCoder 3.
4) Zip file contains both AVC and Mpeg 2 tagets under the folder "Blu-ray disc", then under Mpeg or H.264 folders.
5) Do not use the program installed presets under Application Specific, they are mostly wrong.

Known incompatibilities

1. SONY DVD Architect Pro - do not bother, known bugs with Architect prevent encoding from many external encoders.

Edit: Revision dated 02/20/11 below :Some settings have been updated or changed, eg PCM audio now part of the target not AC3. GOP size changed in many cases. Due to ProCoder 3.06 now having a setting for VBV Buffer size for H.264 we can now use this to our benefit & it seems to have solved many problems. Now the H.264 files work in Encore CS5 (possibly other versions) and also DVDit PRO HD (previously this was not the case). It seems that these are now much closer to Blu-ray compliancy than before. So install the second attached presets named ProCoder 3.06 No need for the first attachment as well (that is only for previous versions than 3.06)
Important : You must install ProCoder 3.06 for the second most recent presets
* Don't forget - when you have your .h264 raw file encoded - you have to rename the file to a .264 extension or , .m4v in the case of CS3, CS4.
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