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Default ADVC110, MacbookPro, Firewire drive

Getting ready to order the ADVC110 to use with my laptop that has a single firewire400 port. I currently have a fw400 external drive and an M-Audio FW410 connected. I don't see that the ADVC110 has a fw pass-thru, so it would connect at the end of the cabling.
Can I expect a problem with this scenario?
In addition, naturally() I want the capture to go to the external FW drive.
Murphys law tells me I might have an issue or 2 to resolve, usually solved by time, frustration and money.
So, from those of you that have already gone down this road, will this work, and if not, what advice can I get to make this work?
(I have scanned all the messages in this forum and have not found the answer)

Dave Harding
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