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Here is an idea EasternLook. Do what I and probably every other editor does. Create a timeline, put a clip on it. Go to the effects palette and one by one try every effect on that clip and see what it does. Learn how to adjust them and then when you want to do something like put a soft edge circle around a part of video in the future you will know what effect to use. That is how I learned to edit along with watching lots of video tutorials and reading the manual.

Also, there are ton of videos on YouTube (even the ones for earlier versions are still valid) that show how to use the program including some of the advanced effects like the mask and tracking. You might want to do a search and watch them.

Also, people like Dave Clark sell really good video tutorials that show just about everything you can do with the program.

Finally, the people on this forum are not paid to respond to your needs. They are users who check into the forum when they can and see if they can help other users. This is not a paid for support forum.

I think you owe an apology.
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