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Default Is the "2:3 pulldown" option in MPG2 Encoder hard encoded, or just flags?

I was just wondering if the option for 2:3 pulldown (Extended Settings) for the MPEG2 Encoder in Edius 6.06 is just setting the flags, or is it "hard-encoding" the extra frames?

I'm making an educated guess that is is "hard-encoding" because, it forces the FIELD ORDER option to Interlaced (defaults to DVD spec UPPER FIELD of course), which would seem to indicate it was going to interlace the footage and therefore have to take care of adding the extra frames.

I ended up using a little program called pulldown.exe which just adds the flags, thus no overhead, no interlacing ... keeps it as a progressive signal, and allows modern players/displays to playback the original 24p encode.

EDIT: When I say 24p, I of course really mean 23.98p.
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