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Originally Posted by antonsvideo View Post
the only way to set it as default is by adding a blank title to the bin that is saved as etl2, then drag it to timeline and change text and then use autosave as (Ctrl+Shift+S)

however, I use Vistitler which does not suffer from this desktop resolution issue, an unfixable issue with QT
Alright Anton.

Thanks for that, too much hassle for me though even if a templated project were used thereís still manual stages. Too much risk for me that something would get missed easily when in a rush.

Iíll just chalk it up to another legacy issue with Edius, although itís going to be a huge problem moving forward.

Although I canít understand why certain issues exist with Edius, especially as it matures and is expected to work within certain post environments. Itís probably likely that certain legacy issues will never be sorted.

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