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First just for the public record, person responsible for folder structure of recording media need serious medical observation...
Second, person who think that folder structure +1 need for every media clip on hard drive... Hmmm
Simply can't believe that someone think is useful and practical.
Also can't believe in 2018 editing or ingesting or whatever software is not recognise media files splited by filesystem limitations...
but requeres a transcode step, not just a file copy.
Don't requires transcode step just need to be joined...
Conclusion, Mync is not for importing media from source...
such as Son'y Catalyst Browse
Thanks for that info, Catalyst is free and awesome, recognise splited parts and join, clip names 0001, 0002 transform to date time taken, and miracle copy all files to ONE folder.
Unfortunately works only with SD cards recorded on Sony camcorders...
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