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If anyone wants some Gh5 clips to test you can go to this video and download some:
The guys who sell us GH5s came through the office the other day and I got a quick play with a pre-release one. No good footage I can share but it was impressive.

EDIUS handles the H.264 perfectly. Other programs do not like 4:2:2 H.264 clips and I was told that, on a MAC, Premiere did not like them either.
The H.265 encoding is not implemented properly yet on the pre-release camera. We filmed some 6K anamorphic clips in H.265 and NOTHING loads them except TMPEG. I don't know if that was because it is not properly implemented yet or if H.265 is so no editing program works properly with it (even programs like Premiere and Vegas which are supposed to handle it).

Regarding other clips:
In my own tests 50/60P footage seems quite a lot harder to playback than 25P/30P.
ProRes is pretty awful in just about everything on a PC except from Avid.
Avid DNxHD works pretty well on everything and GV HQX works well in EDIUS.
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