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I've been frustrated over this same issue. Why no books?
As they say in Russia: "It's better to see something once, then to hear about it 100 times"
Who today have time for books, Video always better. Of course it depends of the company who made it. Small example- I have lot's of video tutorials- All Adobe, Macromedia, Lightwave, Combustion e.t.c.
If you compare lessons quality and, as a resault success of learning- Total Training is much better then I have all CS3 Adobe from Lynda. and I do not like the way, they're teaching, when compare with Total Training CS2 courses.
I do not like the way GV made tutors on Edius4- very bad quality, very quick, no beginning, no end... just mess of tips and tricks... Not helpfull at all. Hope, they will do better for ver4.5
the success of a software depends on whether the customer has access to training material or not.
Absolutely agree!!!
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