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Originally Posted by antonsvideo View Post
contact the reseller and make them aware

are you viewing the pdf in Adobe Reader? maybe other readers hide the url?
No, I'm using Adobe reader. I did contact the reseller, they of course told me to contact Grass Valley. I did and Grass Valley said to contact the reseller. Actually, seems like it wasn't Grass Valley but some other company they've outsourced to. After I finally convinced them that the problem was from Grass Valley's own attachment, they said they'd email someone in Florida who would contact someone in Germany.

In the meantime I manually entered the download address from your attachment and it worked great. I got the download. Thanks!!

I also downloaded the final quicktime version from Apple. Should that still work OK with 9.51 and the current version of Windows 10? I hope!

Also, it's been awhile since I've done this, but should I deactivate the WG8 license and uninstall it before installing WG9?
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