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Originally Posted by kpot View Post
Hi nitrococuk:
1. I have only one monitor.
2. I have WIN10 64bit Pro installed and Edius-9.20.
3. I have an i7-6700k processor (with QuickSync).
4. I have an additional nVIDIA-graphic card.

5. I have connected my Intel-GPU via DVI with my monitor.
6. I have in addition connected my nVIDIA-card via HDMI with my monitor.
7. In BIOS the iPGU must be enabled.
8. My settings of the displays ===> see the screenshot. It is in german language, but should not give any problem to understand the meaning.

Maybe the above is of some help for you.
// Because I have put both displays to be shown on display-1 it don't happen that some messages etc. "disappeares" (on the other display).
Regards kurt
Thanks for your help mate. Really appriciate it. Instead of DVI port, Can I use hdmi 2 input on my single monitor ? Will windows still detect it as a new monitor, may be ?

Does this solution affect the pc graphic performance & quality negatively ? I want to know if there’s a problem with running nvidia and onboard gpu at the same time ?
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