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Originally Posted by David Clarke View Post
Not entirely sure what you mean by:

"Now can i connect my monitor to onboard graphic card by using hdmi 2 slot on my ?"

if you use two screens connect the main on to the nVidia and the second one to the on-board.

EDIUS is quite happy like this as are most programs. Some may have problems - I have had Avid not like this configuration in the past. It is important that the main screen is the nVidia for programs that use GPU acceleration (like some plug-ins for EDIUS - VisTitle and Vitascene) and most editing/effects programs.

If you have one screen and you have two connections on it - DVI and HDMI for example, then connect the on-board into the second connection. The computer will think you have two screens connected but you can only see one at a time.

So bear I'm mind that sometimes a dialogue may appear on the second screen so if you find you can't do something change the computer screen to see the other input before reaching for the reset button.

I have only one monitor which has hdmi 1, hdmi 2 & dvi input on. Now my nvidia is connectod to it by hdmi 1 . Can i use hdmi 2 to connect it to intel onboard gpu ? Or is it a stupid question ?
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