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You need to have the Hot Bin Export license for this workflow (K2-HOTBINEXPORT).

Then follow these steps before you start a Dyno session:

• Log-in to the K2 Solo/Summit 3G Production server
• Press the “Start” button in Microsoft Windows
• Select “K2 Capture Services” application
• Go to the “Hot Bin Export” tab (you will get a warning pop-up if this option is not licensed)
• Enable “Use HotBinExport” box
• Number of streams should be set to “4”
• Select “Add” and this will open the “Export Rule” window
• Under “Source” window select the “K2 Bin Name” that you want to export
o For the record trains select – V:/Dyno/”session_name” (deselect “Include Sub-Bins” box)
o For the highlights only select – V:/Dyno/”session_name”/Highlight Bins (select “Include Sub-Bins” box)
• Under “Destination” window select the “Folder Path” that you want to export media to (The USB Drive)
• Choose the “File Type” you want to export (MXF recommended)
• Press “OK” for the settings to be registered
• Then Press “Apply” for the service to be updated (you will get a pop-up window of acknowledgement)

Then start the Dyno and create a new session – please make sure it has the same name as the one that you set-up in the K2 Capture Services!
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