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Default K2 Hot-bin

Hey Guys!

I'm new to Grass Valley Equipment and I was hopping someone on this forum could help me out with creating a Hot-bin on a K2.

My flow is:

K2 Media Client -> Network
Hard Drive 1 -> Mac Pro -> Network

I am connected to the Mac Pro and I can see the files, but when I attempt to Import the Clips from the App Center I get error: 0x8004ff02. The same files can be imported from a flash drive.

How can I set up a hot-bin to see the Output folder from Adobe Media Encoder from the K2.

Besides the need to create a hot-bit. When I manually import the videos I am getting error: 0x8004ff02 (With the same file carried over on a flash drive, I don't get this error).

All help is appreciated and I am here to learn. Thanks again Guys!

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