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Default Sorry, more questions...

Well, first I have to say- thanks!
Nice, very nice, still not good enough for me (waiting for Alpha and photoshop layers support and do not planning to buy new version untill I will see it), but you are getting closer...
I do not like the direction you are going- you are going toward corporate users with Aurora's, newsrooms, servers etc, I do not interested in all those staff, I have 1 DV camcorder, computer and DVD recorder... And you know what? It's more like me, then those with newsrooms and big wallets!
And I think that you absolutely sure that you are "seeng the big picture"
-Any plans on videotrutorials?
-Desktop backgrounds?
-AE plugin- non beta?
-New titler or integration with something like Blufftitler?
-Folder :skins"... Can we change skins, not the color???
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