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Thx again for the absolute clear explanation!!!
I will figure out what i am going to do.
The datavideo switcher look very fine, and there is a reseller close from where i live. And i hate pulling cables, already had my old vx1000 connector broken with that.

Thx again..

Originally Posted by GrassValley_BH View Post
For your purposes, since you don't need both devices to be operating simultaneously, I recommend getting a 1394 switchbox (aka Firewire switchbox) like this one:

It's the same and disconnecting one device and connecting the other, but it'll be less wear-and-tear on the connectors in the long run, and that' s a good thing. Depends how often you change devices, I guess.

The other alternative would be to connect one device to one controller, and the other to the other controller, then disable the controller with the device you're not going to use from Device Manager, but if you ask me, that's even more hassle than unplugging and replugging.
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