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Well I guess the frustrations of working software that has no real in depth instruction manual has got the best of me.
You have my apologies.
Each time I update my software, I regret it because things happen in the editing mode that usually take me weeks to figure out.
Example, I updated today to the 9.50.5351. Now, It looks like I have two video channels and they don't slide together when I try to trim. Also, when trying to adjust the position of a sound track, it doesn't move but instead the tail end gets longer. I really don't get it and can't really explain it. I don't like to come on forums to ask a question because a lot of the responses are to read the manual. Really? Read what, how to download a file? how to click on a tab? Nothing in the tutorials even mention how to put a soft oval border around the subject in the video. Is that something really bazaar that only I have thought of? I couldn't find anything remotely near that in the Favorites zip file that was posted. Seems it was dirt simple in the earlier versions of Edius, but I had to abandon that when my Windows XP machine finally quit. Now, the new and improved Edius provides a lot less than I had before with actually less speed in rendering and converting despite the HP supposedly having more processor power.
As for spending a lot of time testing each feature, dang, I have a lot of other stuff to deal with on a daily basis, but I get it. I need to spend more time tryin to figure this stuff out on my own.
I have another facet in life, Harleys. Lots of experience in fixing and modifying them. I spend time on the forums too answering questions that others have. Not once have I ever told someone to go plug around till they figure it out on their own. I tell them were the reference is along with steps to do the job.

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