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Default Use of video filter : stabilizer and rolling shutter

Hello Ediusers,

One of my activities is "Digitilizing" old films (8 and S8) and video's. Clients are 90 % amateurs.... and the stability of the pictures is one of the weak point.

The video filter "stabilizer and rolling shutter" helps a lot. Applying the filter shows a message on screen during the calculation...and the result is visible only at the end of the procedure, of course. This needs a certain time .... and you may imagine how long for a complete film in 8 or S8 (generally about 30 minutes). Practically, I don't need to see the final result that is always much more better that the genuine take.

Here are my questions to "experienced users of these filters" to use it properly :

1) What filter to use : with or without "rolling shutter" ? Honestly I don't understand what means "rolling shutter"...

2) May I export "directly" to DVD or MP4 BEFORE process is visible (when message of calculation is still visible). Will Edius apply this filters silmutaneously during exportation ?

3) Will Edius memorize de correction when saving the project ? ... Or will Edius re-calculate the stabilization each time I re-open it ?

You may imagine that I want to spare time and avoid waiting the result, avoid exporting in HQX before editing (to prepare the final cut dedicated to DVD or MP4).

Thanks for your precious advices
Yvon durieux alias "Haddock" Belgium GMT + 1

Sorry for my poor english, I am french native speaking

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