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TV and PC on-screen viewing is very different. It is not uncommon for captured video to look poor when viewed on a PC. The captured mpg file might look OK if played to the TV from a DVD player for example.

The issue is the quality of the capture hardware and encoding compared to the source material. VHS-C tape (especiallyif recorded as SLP speed) is generally a pretty low quality source by today's standards, so using better capture hardware might not give a significantly improved end product. The only way to find out for sure is to try.

GV has several analog capture products on the market, and a few additional appear for sale on auction sites such as EBay regularly. These include the ADVC 55, 110, 300 and so on. In general they work well and give a good SD (i.e., 720x480 for NTSC) capture in DV format that is mainly limited by the quality of the source material.

To the PC they look like a DV camcorder connected via firewire. Subjectively speaking, MAC users seem to have more issues getting them to work than PC users. (I don't know is that is more a statement about MAC users, or Apple's willingness to playwell with others.)

Browsing the threads here will give you a good feel for the issues others have faced. Personally my ADVC300 has worked well with my Win7 machine - no problems what so ever.

Cost and features vary with model and new or used (add some risk here). Search your favorite suppliers for current prices.
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